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Stay home. Stay well. Stay Engaged. 

As we make our way through this pandemic, the most important thing we can do is stay home in a cohesive effort to flatten the curve. We believe that time at home doesn’t have to mean time wasted. At tGELF, we saw a need to help people stay home, continue their personal growth journey, contribute towards fixing the COVID-19 crisis, and just as importantly, have fun connecting with friends and family.  In response, we have created uLEAD for COVID-19, tGELF’s community action platform which currently focuses on the coronavirus pandemic. 

Expansive Global Community
#KuchKaroNa Challenges & Exciting Rewards
Virtual, World-Class Events
Verified COVID-19 Updates 
Opportunities to Give Back
Stay home, and stay connected. Find out the latest without the clutter. Join world-class virtual events across the globe. Engage with the very best of what’s happening now — curated for you in a world full of noise.
Stay well, do good. Digitally volunteer your time and talents to organisations globally. Find the verified causes and non-profits you can support. Share ideas and solutions that will create true impact.
Stay entertained while you stay inside. Join fun challenges to laugh, create, and connect with friends and family. Get a chance to win exciting rewards.
Will uLEAD? 
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